BossUP! A card game designed to drive creativity and innovation

In the world of BossUP! you are the new Innovation team for a hierarchical corporation. Your job is to get your organisation innovation-ready.




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Why BossUP!?

Over the last 20 years we have worked across an amazing range of organisations. What we found consistently is that often the major obstacle to innovation was not the lack of ideas, but the need to changing entrenched organisational mindsets.

We believe game play has the power to break that barrier by creating a safe and fun space for teams to engage in a different way. BossUP! is a tool designed to engage not only your creative team, but works across all functions to stimulate ideas and conversations that may otherwise never take place.

Where did the Idea for BossUP! come from?

We started out by talking to our clients to learn about their internal innovation processes. From here, we distilled the common challenges all our clients faced, and used them to build a rich collection of Challenge cards for BossUP!. To help address these challenges, we turned to trends in society, culture, technology, management consulting methods, and best practices to create a rich set of Trigger cards. We then added a ruleset for risks and reward, play-tested the game with hundreds of players in Asia and Europe, and BossUP! was born!

How Do You Play It?

Innovators (players) must solve Challenge cards – challenges that their organisation are facing – by selecting a Trigger card and pitching their idea to the rest of the team. The Innovation Director selects the winner after hearing all other teammates’ pitches. Once the winning pitch is selected, each player rates the idea by pledging funding for the project. The role of the Innovation Director moves onto the next person, and after one full round, the person with the the highest funded project wins BossUP!

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