Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Analysing and making strategic recommendations combined with a new design of the house keeping cart to make work easier, faster and safer.


Marina Bay Sands Hotel




Strategy & Research

Product Design

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is not only one of Singapore's most iconic landmarks, it is also a hugely complex operation. With 3x fifty story towers and a total of 2500 rooms, the logistic and supply chain required to circulate house keeping supplies in and out of the property and to co-ordinate the effort of over 300 house keeping staff daily is no small feat.

Chemistry worked extensively with the operations team and directly with house keeping staff to carry out on-site observation studies and research interviews. Our ability to break down complexity and visualise it in a way that would support multiple stakeholders to make sense of it helped the team to find innovative ways to address and optimise these critical workflows.

The results was a multi-pronged set of solutions, from a systemic level, to technology and use of robotics all the way to the design of a bespoke house keeping cart that make the daily work of staff easier, faster and safer.

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