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The hotel minibar has become a predictable element of any hotel room. However in many instances the cost-benefit it provides ends up being a lose-lose scenario. The overhead for the hotel is high to manage the logistics of restocking and the cost to the guest means that we leave the items inside as a very last resort.

Chemistry eliminated the need for restocking the in-room minibar by offering a more engaging and relevant self-serve lobby level pantry.

"Mini Bar not necessary, but the fridge is great"

Research revealed that guests loved having the in-room fridge but would happily stock it up themselves.

Our solution then focused on bringing the variety of a mini-mart with the convenience of not having to go further than the hotel lobby. We located a self-service pantry on one side of the lobby where guests could grab what they need and with one tap of their keycard walk off with what they needed. Certain free items and a selection that changed depending on the time of day meant that it remained a dynamic space that catered to the full spectrum of traveller needs.

The final design combined a blueprint for the pantry, the product selection and check-out user interface concept to make the grab and go experience a breeze.

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