As retail consultants, we use design thinking to go beyond just websites and planograms - we solve problems with results that are actionable and emotional.

Applying design thinking as retail consultants

The question, “What do my customers really want?” is possibly the most important question to ask and every retailer should be able to answer. Whether it is a large company or a shop on the side street, they should all ask this question. As retail consultants, we use design thinking to expand beyond just websites and planograms. We can solve problems that are actionable and emotional.

Why should retailers incorporate design thinking

To lack empathy with your customers, it can lead to serious impact on conversions. Ultimately, a retailer potentially can miss out on the opportunity to build a stronger connection with their customers. Retailers need to be able to identify a consumer's pain points and challenges. As a result, this can improve on the customer experience and earn their trust and loyalty to the brand. When you empathise, retailers can drive major changes from all aspects of the business. From the marketing, to the product and to the care experience.

Rethinking Retail

We currently are in an evolution in the retail industry. This is because of the increase in technological development and from the common usage in social connection. There are more reviews and experiences posted which open more opportunity to build more omni-channels. Having said that, retailers need to adapt their business proposition to meet their customer’s needs. Today, the customer is more knowledgeable, feels more empowered and more connected through technology than ever before. By designing a full retail experience with the consumer in mind means to dive deeper into the consumer psychology, user experience and frictionless experiences.