Telecommunication consultants help big companies bridge the gap between their processes and their customers using innovation tools like design thinking.

Telecommunication consultants as closers of an empathy gap

There is a growing need for design thinking and innovation in telecommunication companies. This usually means enlisting the help of a telecommunication consultant. The industry has come to the realisation that they are being upstaged by telecom startups. This is largely due to the fact that older, bigger companies fail to look at their problems through a consumer-centric lens. This is especially pertinent in a consumer landscape whereby your competitors are selling the same product with minor variation.

What does a telecommunication consultant help inform?

At Chemistry, we understand the modern consumer. Utilising a transdisciplinary approach, we are able to unpack the problem efficiently. From the UI/ UX of both physical and digital platforms to the actual content, we help smoothen the consumer’s journey holistically. A large portion of design thinking relates to customer support. We had the privilege of helping a major corporation rethink their support structure as their telecommunication consultant.

Improving the customer’s support journey

Firstly, after noting the company’s goals, we identified several key areas to focus on through research and data collection. We then proceeded to create different prototypes that would improve the support journey of subscribers. In addition, we helped create a new layout for their physical bill - rethinking everything from the ux design to the language.

Telecommunication companies are in a unique position. Their challenge comes in the form of keeping their subscribers happy. Through data and effective design thinking, a telecommunication consultant would bridge the empathy gap between these corporations and their customers.