Singapore’s tourism industry has had a digital transformation in the past few decades. Find out more about Service Design and UX in travel.

The tourism industry in Singapore has rapidly expanded in recent years. As a result, it has provided a wide range of economic benefits to the City-State. Singapore is one of the early pioneers who embark to integrate technology to their citizen’s everyday lives.

Bringing experience into Singapore’s tourism industry

In this digital age, we’ve become a generation of DIY travellers who plan, manage and book travel online. Hence, this has also led to new challenges which disrupt the industry in terms of service design, UX and customer experience. As a result, travel companies are forced to become more and more transparent through social media and review websites. Nowadays, it’s the individual guest’s experience that truly determines the success of a travel business’s product. The focus of tourism has shifted. Now, the industry recognises that it is imperative to create meaningful experiences for their customers.

A human centered approach to Singapore’s tourism industry

At Chemistry, we can help explore these big ideas about the future of tourism and the small implications for business and communities. Our services range from the initial design research, to an overall service design and organisational transformation. We can work with you to deliver a new customer experience in and across your existing or new customer touch points.

Our redesign of Singapore Visitor’s Centre

Chemistry brought Singapore’s visitor center into the digital age by creating an omni-channel experience for tourists. Firstly, our designs focused around the fact that many travellers now prefer to curate their own itinerary. In place of messy and spasmodically printed brochures, new touchscreen interfaces were introduced. As a result of these “one-stop digital service pedestals”, handling crowds was way easier. In addition, this eliminated the need for a large staff.

It is about putting people first. To create a relevant, memorable and seamless customer experience, we consider the entire span of the customer’s journey. This helps to understand both their needs and their expectations.