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AI and the Future of Creativity

AI models are passive tools. Creativity is still borne from human input.

AI and The Future of Creativity — Part 2

After our experiments with the Lunar New Year Portraits, We spoke to Nicholas Loke, Asyraf Daud, Jasmine Poh, and Deej Zulkifli to reflect on the experience and share their thoughts on the topic.

‘Tis the Season to be Sustainable

The end-of-year holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and spending time with our loved ones after a long and busy year. While beautiful decorations, decadent feasts, and small mountains of gifts make for an excellent time, the holiday season can also be a time of excess consumption and waste.

Chemistry at Singapore Design Week 2022

Singapore Design Week 2022 was an excellent opportunity to shine a light on what's close to our hearts — putting people and the planet at the centre of our work.

BossUP! Circular Edition

BossUP! Circular Edition is launched!

#HBL at Dutch Design Week 2021

Watch the making-of video of #HBL - Home Based Learning table to help children study during the pandemic lockdowns.

Tracking Value in the Circular Economy with

Orobo is an open and decentralised platform, which incentivises parties to collaborate in circular value chains and aims to enable the easy adoption of circular business models.

Chemistry prototypes at FinTech

Chemistry ran a booth at FinTech 2014, a gathering of banking, payment and tech companies. The conference aims to explore the future of payments and consumer banking transactions.

Chemistry Takes Part In Singapore Design Week With 2 Events

‘Kampong Spirit’ project to prototype ideas around street furniture that encourages residents to connect and share more. Studio Open House followed by keynote presentation on the design of the Singapore Visitors Centre.

Chemistry Wins SG MARK Design Award for XipPOS by Nearex

Chemistry bags an SG Mark award for the design of XipPOS mobile point of sale device.

VScan Access nomination for INDEX DESIGN AWARDS

We’re excited to have the Ultrasound VScan Access by GE Healthcare nominated for the INDEX Design Awards.

Enhancing Customer Experience for Hotel Guests

At the inaugural SPRING-SHATEC Hospitality Case Competition 2016, Chemistry’s Bassam Jabry, John Chan, and Karin Aue led participants through the nuts and bolts of design thinking. Together with some of Singapore’s leading hotels, we helped the students develop customer-centric solutions to address pertinent service delivery challenges faced by the hospitality industry.

Press Release for “The Affective Workspace” Exhibition

Design consultancy, Chemistry, rethinks experiences at work and in a public exhibition held at Artistry Gallery

Chemistry at Asia Pacific MedTech Forum 2016

Asia Pacific MedTech Forum is taking place in Singapore at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre! Catch Bassam Jabry, Managing Director of Chemistry this afternoon (9 November, Wednesday), as he discusses about developing market-appropriate products for emerging economies with fellow panelists.

Chemistry Awarded “Honorable Mention” Prize at 9th Annual International Design Awards

Chemistry has been awarded the “Honorable Mention” Prize for the design of the Singapore Visitor Centre in the commercial competition at the recent 9th Annual International Design Awards (IDA).

Chemistry wins President’s Design Award 2016

We’re super excited to be awarded DESIGN OF THE YEAR from the President’s Design Award 2016 for VScan Access.

Design Communication Student Mentorship Challenge 2016

12 amazing young design talents recently descended upon our Chemistry studio to participate in a mentorship challenge, organised by Chemistry and the LASALLE College of the Arts.

Chemistry at President’s Design Award 2016 Exhibition

Check out our UI design on the award-winning portable ultrasound device, VScan Access, showcased alongside other winning designs at the President’s Design Awards exhibition. Now on till 27th Jan 2017 at the URA Centre, and till Sep 2017 at other locations islandwide in Singapore.

Designing Healthcare Innovations: The Story of Vscan Access

The NUS Engineering Design & Innovation Centre invited Chemistry’s Managing Director, Bassam Jabry, to present about the design of Vscan Access.

Chemistry at Innovation by Design Conference 2017

We were invited by DesignSingapore Council to share our insights about how design companies could apply human-centred design to transform businesses in the digital age.

Singapore: A love story in 2025

In our nation’s quest to make Singapore a thriving city-state, we have seen a flurry of developments that transforms the way we live and interact. This makes Singapore one of the most liveable cities in Asia. Taking this one step further, how might design play a role in making Singapore a loveable city in 2025?

IoT Asia Conference: Driving Transformation & Innovation Through User-Centric Design

Chemistry Team was invited to participate in the IoT Asia 2017 conference, which gathered industry players across the IoT value chain to showcase and discuss the latest developments in IoT.

Explaining User Centricity to the Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Bassam had the opportunity to speak to members of the Land Transport Authority about ‘Delighting Customers Through Design’.

The Public Service needs Design-Driven Innovation

As part of the 5th Singapore-Thailand Leadership Development Programme (LDP), Karin was invited to share her expertise on how design could be used as a strategic tool to help organisations foster innovation and create compelling customer experiences.

Inspiring Young Designers on the Strategic Value of Design

There is a growing trend of businesses applying design as a strategic tool. It is imperative for young designers to understand how design can help businesses transform the way they communicate with customers.

Designing Smart Fashion for Elderly with Lasalle

As part of a collaboration between Chemistry and Lasalle College of the Arts, JL and Fariz guided Lasalle’s Fashion Media students through the design thinking process, to explore challenges faced by the elderly, and leverage on smart fashion to come up with potential solutions.

Transforming the Hotel Industry through Innovation

The 3rd STB-SHA Hotel Industry Conference was held at the Suntec City Convention Centre.

Panel on Career Opportunities in UX Design

As part of General Assembly’s Digital Career Fest, Fariz Junaidi from Chemistry was invited as a moderator for a panel session on “Career Fast-Track: Opportunities in UX Design”.

GoGlobal 2018: Designing for our Future Selves

Chemistry’s Design Director Karin Aue was invited to give a keynote at the kick-off event of GoGlobal 2018.

Screw Up for Success

On the evenings of 14th – 15th March, the three studios – Chemistry, Design Bridge, and UltraSuperNew – will jointly host you at Artistry cafe, in a talk / mini-workshop that brings you on a deep dive behind the scenes of successful design projects.

Enhancing Singtel’s Bill Design

Designed by Chemistry in collaboration with Singtel and the end users, the team applied a human centred design process to uncover how people read and use their bills and how that can be improved.

Media Bootcamp 2018

To help educate journalists in Singapore on the importance of good design, the Media Bootcamp 2018 was organised by DesignSingapore Council, bringing together members of the media to familiarise and provide them with thought-starters on design.

Speaking at the APLA Regional Conference

Bassam speaking at the 2018 Asia Pacific Lottery Association Regional Conference in Kuching on user centred design.

Chemistry at Design Thinking Asia 2018

Chemistry ran an all-new workshop at Design Thinking Asia 2018 – Gamifying Design Thinking for Business Transformation: Cooperativeness & Competitiveness in a Simulated Situation!

VScan Access Ultrasound Event

Sharing the impactful work we did on the design of VScan Access Ultrasound at an event jointly organised by The President*s Design Award (P*DA) and Danish Design Award (DDA), held at the National Design Centre to explore how design can be applied to technology to positively impact society.

Singapore Design Week 2019 – Don’t Play Play. Play!

As part of Singapore Design Week 2019, Chemistry hosted Don’t Play Play. Play! (D3P), a satellite event around the theme of Gamification.

Design Conversations 2019 Singapore

Chemistry was invited to Design Conversations 2019 Singapore, showcasing our award winning work and playing our in-house card game!

Presenting at Interact 2019 in Phapos, Cyprus

Chemistry presented our paper on the digital interface design of Vscan Access. Interact is one of the world's most renowned HCI conferences.

Barcelona Design Week 2019

Held during the Barcelona Design Week 2019, Chemistry’s Managing Director, Bassam Jabry, gave a talk on “Rethinking well-being in the workplace”.

RedMan by Phoon Huat at Heartbeat@Bedok

Discover more about our collaboration with RedMan by Phoon Huat. The new store concept at Heartbeat@Bedok brings together baking needs and communities.

Design Books handpicked by Designers

Handpicked by Chemistry's very own designers, here are 9 design books that explore design processes, methodologies, and solution design.

Mentoring at the EIT Food Hackathon in Valencia

Chemistry Team's Bassam Jabry, mentored innovators from across the agri-food sector to find sustainable food solutions at the EIT Food Hackathon.

The Strategic Design Consultant Experience

Major industries are realising the value of a Strategic Design Consultant in solving systemic issues with human-centered innovation.

Design Thinking Process: Conception and Adoption

The design thinking process gained popularity when companies saw the value of using design principles in business problems. But what about its conception?

Qualitative Research and Empathy

Chemistry Team utilises qualitative research to better empathise with the end-user. This approach is one of the hallmarks of our design thinking process.

Design Agency in Singapore: Beyond the Scope

A design agency in Singapore works with the aesthetics of the end-product. However, Chemistry uses design at every point of the innovation process.

Designers in Singapore reimagining an omni-channel retail experience

Designers in Singapore helped reimagine one of Singapore's household baking brands into a modern, omnichannel retail experience.

Strategic Consulting: Design Thinking for Innovation

When providing strategic consulting for our clients, we utilise design thinking to pursue innovative solutions for what seems to be hard, top-down problems.

The Singapore Design Community

Chemistry has been involved in the Singapore Design community for over 10 years showcasing local talents through events and talks.

Innovation Strategy: A Case Study

An innovation strategy allows organisations to set themselves apart - we uncover what it takes to build a success strategy by looking at Dyson.

Stakeholder Engagement in Human Centered Design

Stakeholder engagement is vital in human-centered design - attaining input from all relevant parties allows for an actionable strategy.

Design Sprint Implementation

The design sprint process – a rapid collaborative process designed to bring your team from challenge statement to tangible prototypes in just three months.

A Design Company: What we do

In a design company, it's hard to describe what we do. We attempt to help you answer this by looking at the workings of a modern design company.

User Experience Research: When, Who, How, Why

As strategic designers, we understand that user experience is the only thing that sets your product or service apart from the rest. Consequently, the best way to ensure that your product provides an excellent experience for your user is by studying them. By doing solid user experience research.

Chemistry’s Heroines: Women That Inspire

We wanted to mark International Women's Day by asking the lovely men in our office all about the women who inspire them! Read more about our team’s heroines.

Content Strategy and Information Architecture

In order to accommodate an omni-channel experience, content strategy and information architecture work in tandem to understand the user.

What is Service Design and Why it Might Matter More than you Think

Read, as our director Karin faces the challenge of creating a new service experience for her service experience design students during these trying times.

Business Unusual: Moving Forward from Uncertainty

In the aftermath of SARS in 2003, SMEs were encouraged to adopt Business Continuity measures – yet many didn’t. We identify why this happened and what businesses can do to deal with today’s unprecedented crisis.

Lenses of Experience Design

Chemistry’s Experience Designer, Daniel writes about the 5 key considerations that influence how well we deliver valuable, human-centric experiences

Enhancing our interview process with gamification

How might we enhance our interview process by introducing gamification to assess and analyse a potential candidate’s strength/weakness, thinking beyond just qualification and portfolio?

Making Behaviour Stick: User-Centred Design vs. Punitive Measures

Behavioural change through punitive measures is nothing new – we uncover how user centred design can offer an alternative, especially during this pandemic.

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