Our Story

Using our creative skills to make the world a better place and having fun doing it.

The Chemistry Team sitting at a table.

“Chemistry” /ˈkɛmɪstri/ – noun

The complex emotional or psychological interaction between people.

Chemistry was founded on the belief that great ideas come from the synergy of minds. The spirit of collaboration expands beyond our work as a team of creatives and into how we engage with our clients and their communities.

We build partnerships based on mutual trust, respect and a shared vision to produce remarkable work with lasting value.

About Chemistry

Chemistry is an independent strategic consultancy based in Singapore, serving clients in Asia Pacific and beyond since 2000.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of innovators, business experts and design consultants, applying a human-centered approach to enhance experiences and grow opportunities for our clients and their partners.

Meet The Team

We are a diverse multinational team that’s inspired by the idea of doing meaningful work. Using our talent and creativity we help move the needle, and the world, towards a better place every day.