Working with Chemistry

Working with Chemistry means that we'll journey with you, hand-in-hand, to solve business problems through innovative design thinking.

From helping you define your problem statement to designing a solution, we curate a custom permutation of our services to address your unique business challenges using a human-centred and planet-centred design approach.

Members of the Chemistry Team discussing ideas at a table.

Through collaboration, we help our clients make sense of complex systems and diverse human needs to find opportunities in the challenges they face. Using design strategically across our services and capabilities, we curate and develop meaningful solutions that are impactful and conscious of individuals, communities, organisations, and the planet.

Members of the Chemistry Team pasting post-it notes on a whiteboard.

Strategic Consultancy

With over 20 years of experience as a strategic consultancy, we have amassed valuable insights and expertise across a broad range of industries and specialisations.

This has equipped us with a great well of knowledge in understanding how people live, work, and play. We use this to your advantage, using a user-centred lens to craft the strategic roadmap to solve your business challenges.

Public Service
Circular Transformation
Business Design & Business Modelling
User Experience Design
Service Design
Organisational Change & Leadership
Corporate Venture Building

‍Training and Workshops

Co-creation is ingrained in our DNA. We've developed a rich toolkit that has been refined through hundreds of workshop hours to help collaborators understand diverse business needs.

Chemistry works as the catalyst to facilitate co-creation sessions to collaborate and untangle the complexities of any business challenge.

We also provide capability-building sessions for your teams. We hone their specialised knowledge and expertise and equip them with design thinking that will transform the way they work.

Qualitative Research
Insights Gathering
Process Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping
Opportunity Mapping
Talks and Training
Human-Centered Design & Innovation
CIRCO Circular Transformation
Creative Leadership
Leadership for Sustainability
Members of the Chemistry Team pasting post-it notes in an ideation session.
Members of the Chemistry Team conducting a Capability Building workshop.


Form and function is only the tip of the iceberg where design is concerned.

To be able to create effectively, impactfully, and meaningfully, we champion the human-centred and planet-centred design approach to arrive at solutions that have lasting value with the end-user and planet in mind.

Business Design
Communications Design
Digital Experience Design
Graphic Design
Service Experience Design
Product & Spatial Design
Creative Sprints

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