Meet The Team

We are a team of multi-disciplinary designers, innovators and business consultants.

Bassam Jabry

Partner & Managing Director

Da Amsterdamer

Karin Aue

Partner – Communication, Experience

Running Ang Moh

John Chan

Partner – Product, Environments

Spinning Inceptor

Jeffrey Koh, PhD

Partner – Strategic Ventures

Bas Berkhout

Commercial Director (Europe)

Classics Motivator

Edo van Dijk

Brand Consultant

Finca Weed Whacker

Nicholas Loke

Lead Communication Designer

Pseudo Speedster

Keith Wong

Lead Business Designer

Child of the Ocean

Teo Kiahsheng

Senior 3D Designer

Night Rider

Clarence Ng

Interaction Designer

Hippie Punk

Aimee Kyffin

Experience Designer

Paddleboard Explorer

Asyraf Daud

Experience Designer

Seriously Playful Storyteller

Cardejah Zulkifli

Content Designer


Where are they now?

What our past partners are up to today

Marcel Heijnen

Marcel Heijnen

A good idea has mileage. For me it’s great to see how something I co-founded in 2000 has evolved into what Chemistry is today, a spirited team with inspiring leadership.
Fondest Memory
Most definitely the time when we extended Chemistry with Artistry; the awesome art cafe, a venue where magic happened between 2012 and 2018.
Up to now, big plans...

I divide my time between Hong Kong and Amsterdam, have made a shift from design to photography, started Licht Ltd Publishing and am about to publish my 5th photo book and 2nd music album, and have signed with Thames & Hudson for 2 photo books to be released globally in 2021

Wil Kolen

Wil Kolen

A great adventure with friends that started in year 2000, as one of the founding partners. Enjoyed great learning and expanding my design horizon by stepping into new areas through collaboration and individual projects, including interior design, sound design and music production over the spectrum of brand related design projects.
Fondest Memory
The time is filled with great memories; The freedom to balance work & play; balancing working hours with relaxation and parties; Involvement with the organisation of alter ego parties and playing there; Moving into our own design space; The various experiences through design business that allowed team members and myself to travel and explore new parts of the world; The natural trusting connection between all team members.
Up to now, big plans...

Since 2012 I have taken distance from Chemistry as partner. Currently focusing on growing my activity with Soul Oasis, where I am working with sound therapy and various energy-based work to support people on a mental, emotional and physical level in individual and/or group sessions:

Nurturing your Inner Rhythm.

I continue part time lecturing at NAFA, teaching BA degree Visual Communication and diploma Digital Sound & Music, and am involved with ongoing design and music projects.

Simon Wong

Simon Wong

With a little bit of design knowledge - looks like you can do anything.
Fondest Memory
Simon rock and rolled with the original Chemistry partners close to 2 decades ago as a partner and owner. During that time the team garnered various awards including the Singapore Design Award for Peranakan Museum's branding.the LA Design Award for website design, and led the team's first end to end Design Thinking+ Design project, rethinking, rebranding and rolling out 2 chains of stores China wide for Eastman. Great memories include hosting parties downstairs with team members present, telling stories of famous musicians with six toesta entertain the crowd, and running away from clients on overseas projects so the team could have nice quiet breakfasts.
Up to now, big plans...

Simon's design work goes on alongside the Co-Founding of social enterprise SingaporeSidecars in 2018.The company provides the world's first vintage vespa sidecar tours, bagged a position in the top 4 finalists for the Singaporeîourlsm Awards in 2019, with notable guests including Avengers Director Joe Russo and entourage, and F1 Legends Damon Hilland Jonny Herbert.

SingaporeSidecars has since become a flagship tour brand, with a presence on the front page of STB's Annual Report site,and the front page of the Uniqlo site as a new partnership with the garment maker takes off. In the pipeline is Sidecar Cinema and Sidecar Grand Prixin collaboration with Mandarin Oriental and supported by Singapore Tourism Board, alongside Historie F1 World Champion Greg Thronton at the helm. Watch out for SingaporeSidecars in the upcoming 2021 edition of Hasbro's Monopoly Singapore toa! SingaporeSidecars continues to 1end a hand to good causes, which include CCF, National Cancer [entre, various old folks homes and sidecar food deliveries to medical frontlines throughout CB.

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