A Circular Workspace: Repurposing a Post-Covid Workplace

Redefining and redesigning our office




Circular Economy, Built Environment


Spatial Design


As many as 77% of employed residents in the information and communications industry in Singapore worked remotely in 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation1.

As pandemic restrictions were lifted in Singapore, certain key trends have reshaped the way we work in a post-pandemic climate2.

  • Remote work & virtual meetings are likely to continue, albeit less intensely than at the pandemic’s peak.
  • Employees are seeking more flexibility and freedom in where and how they work.
  • Companies and policymakers can and should help facilitate these workforce transitions.

When we started trickling back into the office it was clear that we had each adapted working styles based on our individual preferences as well.

As a B Corp, this was important for us to acknowledge. It was an opportunity to prioritise and create an environment that nurtures our team and enables them to thrive.  

The Challenge

We set out to create a space beyond personal productivity and towards a space for people to redefine the blurred lines of work-life balance. As efficient as virtual collaboration can be, it doesn't offer the same connection as in-person meetings, which puts team dynamics at risk. Being creatives, we recognise the value of socialising and how essential serendipity is to creativity and innovation.

Thus, we defined a problem statement for us to anchor our spatial design research:

How might we take a space that was built for personal productivity, and transform it into a space that promotes collaboration and well-being and nurtures the company culture in a post-pandemic world?

What We Did

Using a human and planet-centred design approach, we started with some research into the working styles of our team to develop some user archetypes.

We then assessed how we could transform different parts of the office to cater to the needs of each archetype while maintaining a sense of modularity and accessibility between each space.


The office was arranged in a fixed desktop set up with a small huddle area for meetings and collaborations


The new arrangement offered plenty flexible working space catered to the unique needs and preferences of each individual or collaboration.

The Result

Creating space for collaborative work, play, and focus.

It feels like a brand new office! The open space is so refreshing and inspiring! My needs change throughout the working day, so the flexibility of the different working areas is so practical. Love it!

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