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“Chemistry” /ˈkɛmɪstri/ – noun

The complex emotional or psychological interaction between people.

Driven by the belief that the best ideas come from the synergy of people working together. Through collaboration, we help make sense of complex systems and diverse human needs by combining our creative expertise with our clients' industry knowledge.

We are Chemistry — an independent, B-Corp Certified strategic design consultancy based in Singapore and Amsterdam.

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Uncovering unique opportunities grounded in empathic research and behavioural insights.
Using creative thinking as a strategic problem-solving tool to define new ideas.
Designing meaningful solutions that are impactful and conscious of individuals, communities, organisations, and the planet.
We bring over 20 years of experience, working across diverse industries.
From healthcare to hospitality, travel to retail, fintech to public services.
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Discover Your Opportunities for Change

Challenges can come in many ways — evolving market needs, new technologies, changing policies, shifts in society and user preferences, and more. Do these conflicting demands seem just impossible to align?

Leveraging our deep expertise in creative problem solving, we'll start by defining the root challenges. Then, we begin the journey of research and discovery, turning ambiguity into highly tailored opportunities for change.

‍This provides a springboard to explore ideas through rapid prototypes. The result is breakthrough ideas that deliver real business value while thoughtfully designed with the end-user and ultimately the planet in mind.

Your Partner in Innovation

We act as the catalyst to enable different domain experts — namely technology, spatial, and processes — to create holistic breakthroughs that would otherwise be hard to achieve working in silos.

With our capabilities in Strategic Consultancy, Training Workshops and Design, we tailor our approach to best address your unique business challenges.

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