Improvements in health science and growth in economic wealth over the last 50 years has driven huge leaps in life expectancy and overall wellbeing.
We see three critical areas happening in this space:

• Green washing - While brands addressing sustainability is encouraging, we need accurate information and honest assessments of impact

• The invisible footprint - rising demand on energy needs from new areas like data-centres (AI / crypto)

• Pitching ideas - helping investors and startups manage their risk and take bold yet pragmatic steps in developing breakthrough ideas through clear value propositions

Human-Centred Design, by nature optimistic, thrives on finding new possibilities for complex challenges. By fostering diverse perspectives, we can inspire leaders to adopt new approaches and empower individuals to act courageously.
How do we enable a possibility to continue to enjoy the amazing benefits we gain from travelling, while making it inclusive, sustainable and viable at the same time?
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