Strategic Consultancy
Collaboration is ingrained in our DNA and the way we work. We facilitate co-creation sessions with our clients to help untangle the complexities of their diverse business needs

Our deep knowledge has allowed us to share an intimate understanding of how people live, work, and play with our clients. We use this to your advantage through a user-centred lens to craft strategic roadmaps and solutions for your business challenges.
• Finance
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Public Service
• Retail
• Telecommunications
• Tourism
• Transport
• And more
• Circular Transformation
• User Experience Design
• Service Design
• Business Design & Business Modelling
• Organisational Change & Leadership
• Corporate Venture Building
We are practitioners first, applying human and planet-centred design skills to real-life projects across a broad set of industries.

Our hands-on design expertise allows us to understand and express complex concepts and future visions in clear and digestible ways.
• Digital Experience Design
• Service Experience Design
• Business Design
• Product & Spatial Design
• Graphic Design
• Co-creation
Training and Workshops
Our years of experience have enabled us to expand our knowledge in capability-building and co-creation, adding our secret sauce to existing frameworks and even developing our own.

Our richly developed toolkit allows us to offer customisable training and workshop sessions to equip your teams with Design Thinking and specialised knowledge and expertise to derive unique solutions for your business needs and transform the way you work.
• Circular Transformation
• Human and Planet-Centred Design
• Organisational Creativity
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Opportunity Mapping
• And more
• Human-Centred Design & Innovation
• Creativity in Teams
• Leadership for Sustainability
• And more
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