Our Story
Over 20 years of design
In 2000, a team of independent creatives shared a vision, bringing together their passion for graphic design, music, and photography to create Chemistry!

Since then, Chemistry has gone from strength to strength—growing, adapting, and reinventing our multidisciplinary design skills and strategic business models.

For over 20 years, we've accumulated a dynamic spectrum of strategic, creative, and innovative services that span a wide range of industries, products, and service offerings around the globe.
At Chemistry, we believe that great ideas come from the synergy of people coming together and working towards a common goal.
Embracing tomorrow, Circularity across bordes
Design is our catalyst for change, with people and the planet at our core. Embracing circularity together with the guidance of B Lab, we’ve become a certified B Corp, redefining accountability to our community and environment. Committed to sustainability, we help organisations in transitioning towards circular practices.

To realise our aspirations of affecting change on a global scale, we made the bold decision to open our first official branches in Europe. Now, with a presence in Amsterdam and London, we amplify our impact, drawing from the creativity and sustainability ethos of these cities. Together, we're driving global change, one circular innovation at a time.
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B-Corp CertificationB-Corp Certification
Meet the Team
Bassam Jabry
Partner & Managing Director
Karin Aue
Partner – Communication, Experience
John Chan
Partner – Product, Environments
Bas Berkhout
Commercial Director (Europe)
Nicholas Loke
Lead Communication Designer
Teo Kiahsheng
Senior 3D Designer
Theresa Chua
Senior Service Designer
Eunice Siow
Senior Experience Designer
Clarence Ng
Interaction Designer
Aimee Kyffin
Senior Experience Designer
Asyraf Daud
Experience Designer
Cardejah Zulkifli
Content Designer
Jasmine Poh
Digital Experience Designer
Advisory Board
Our panel of advisors offer mentorship in their domains of expertise.
Pernilla Johansson
Jeffrey Koh, PhD
Murray Camens
Costas Papaikonomou
Edo van Dijk
Annerieke Douma
Awards & Recognition
Special Category: Singapore Together
SG Mark Singapore Good Design Award 2021
Oct 14, 2021
Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2018
Oct 6, 2018
Design of the Year
President’s Design Award Singapore 2016
Oct 12, 2016
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Where are they now?
Marcel Heijnen
Wil Kolen
Simon Wong
Our Partners
Discover the network of specialist partners that we've worked with.
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