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Explore how Chemistry designed and delivered a brand new digital experience for the connected traveller.
The Singapore Tourism Board engaged our team to completely re-conceptualise and redesign their flagship visitor centre.

Located in the heart of Orchard Road, the Singapore Visitor Centre caters to the diverse needs of over 15 million tourists who visit Singapore each year.

The Singapore Tourism Board engaged Chemistry Team to completely re-conceptualise and redesign their flagship visitor centre. We were tasked with creating a holistic omni-channel solution that delivers a relevant experience for the digitally empowered traveller.

How might we create a holistic omni-channel solution that delivers a relevant experience for the digitally empowered traveller?

What We Did
Ethnographic Research

As the lead consultants of the project, we had the unique opportunity to orchestrate the entire visitor experience. Firstly, we began with ethnographic research to capture key insights and trends surrounding the needs of tourists visiting Singapore. Furthermore, we engaged a wide range of tourism industry partners to craft a new vision and narrative for the space.

Design & Prototyping of the Kiosks

Subsequently, these ideas were then translated into a detailed specification for the design of the space, the digital information kiosks, as well as the staff up-skilling. Throughout the project, we provided continual design management and production consultation. This was in order to ensure that the interior design and digital interfaces were in line with our objectives. In addition, we worked alongside the appointed specialists to build prototypes and test the experience before the new flagship visitor Centre was ready for the world.

The Result

Our team successfully helped bring Singapore’s flagship visitor centre into the digital age by optimising the way it helps guests plan their visit. As a result of a growing number of tourists preference for individual curation, our redesign focused on facilitating a customised experience for guests.

We eliminated the need for pre-printed brochures, replacing them with interactive touchscreens to help visitors build their own custom itineraries. These new one-stop digital service pedestals help the visitor centre deal with high footfall, while still operating with a lean service crew. Moreover, visitors can self-serve to select relevant attractions presented in a beautiful Pinterest style dashboard.

These self-serve treatments worked in tandem with the centre’s specially-trained service officers. As a result, this allowed visitors to finalise their experience with a custom itinerary printed on the spot at each station. Furthermore, should visitors want to go digital, no problem—their itinerary can be sent straight to their smartphones.

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