#HBLTable, assisting less fortunate children with Home Based Learning

The pandemic has forced the entire world into peculiar situations that communities are slowly trying to figure out. In order to assist underpri






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Assisting underprivileged families with Home Based Learning

We developed the #HBLtable, an adjustable cardboard table that aims to assist children with Home Based Learning. The table comes with a laptop stand that can be quickly modified to work with tablets as well.

In order to bring this idea to life, we worked with Tri-Wall, a local production company, to fabricate 100 sets. Working closely with welfare organisations across Singapore, we distributed the #HBLTables to the right households completely free of charge.

Interested parties can get in touch via the contact information below. As of today, we have rolled out the #HBLTable to charities such as the Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services, Fei Yue Family Service Centre, and Tasek Jurong Limited as well!

“To those concerned, on behalf of my children, both my husband and I would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to you and the donor for the carton ergonomic study table and stool. Although only our 2nd daughter is undergoing HBL on alternate weeks, all of our 4 school going children including Aniq, can and will utilize the study table.

Not only have they realized how recycling is beneficial, the default colour of the carton allows the kids to consider designing the table and that helps them to explore their creativity and imagination. The nature of the table also helps to emphasize their responsibility to look after the study table as it requires proper care. Once again, thank you.”

Research & Development

During the research phase of this project, we interviewed and surveyed over 168 participants and discovered that many families struggled to find a conducive space for their children to participate in Home Based Learning. As reported by CNA, less fortunate families with 2 or more children, living in rental or 1-room public housing flats, are particularly affected.

The problem was with the fact that typical furniture set-ups do not cater to the height of children and there has never been a pressing need for dedicated ‘study spaces’ until now. This results in children trying to do their homework or attend a Zoom class on the floor, with their textbooks and stationery strewn around them.

#Fliptable – The roots of #HBLTable

“To push this out quickly, we appropriated the design of a table from a previous project (#Fliptable) for online learning at home, complete with a laptop and tablet stand. The cardboard table can be used at 2 heights, catering for children between the age of 4 to 12 by simply flipping the table on its front,” said John Chan, Design Director of Chemistry.

In 2016, we designed the #FlipTable as an interactive installation featured at Archifest and Neonlights. Crazy Rich Asians actor Henry Golding participated in the installation as well.

The #FlipTable’s intent was to facilitate dialogue around the taboo correlation of stress and productivity at work as well as provide an acceptable avenue for stress release within the office environment.

Cardboard was chosen due to its durability and its ability to withstand flipping. With the sustainable construction cost, we realised that the #FlipTable could be quickly tweaked to facilitate conduciveness at a reasonable price. In addition, the design was reimagined with children in mind. Flipping the table now adjusts the height of the table, allowing a wider age range to use the table. In addition, the cardboard can be drawn and doodled on, facilitating creativity and a sense of ownership.

If you are a welfare organisation situated in Singapore that would like to obtain sets of the #HBLtable, get in touch with us here.

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