Future Forces Impacting Healthcare
Improvements in health science and growth in economic wealth over the last 50 years has driven huge leaps in life expectancy and overall wellbeing.
We see three critical areas happening in this space:

• Developed countries struggling with a high number of “super agers” who are facing often complex long term chronic health issues.

• Lack of interoperability of data across the ecosystem creating inefficiencies and reducing the quality of care.

• Wellness and mental health affecting youths through factors due to economic, social and climate related challenges.

Human-centred design works to cut through the complex constellation of stakeholders, putting people (patients) at the heart of the conversation. Less jargon and more empathy.
Healthcare needs to evolve beyond mere treatment of illness to one that embraces integrated health and lifelong wellness.
How do we make healthcare more accessible and involve a wider and community based support network in our ongoing healthcare journey?
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