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Creating an end-to-end Service Experience Blueprint that brings to life the new generation of age friendly communities.


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Guild Living UK engaged Chemistry to design a new kind of service experience that brings together the best of hospitality and age friendly community, to redefine what later living means.

What we did

Through extensive research and interviews with industry experts, we developed a series of customer personas. These set the focus around which five experience journeys were co-created. These expressed in detail a Guild Living Members' every moment and how it connects to the staff, facilities and services available to them. To ensure there was alignment across the board, we defined five key principles that guided the staff's service delivery. Deep empathy with Guild Living's Members was embedded into the narrative of the service blueprint by expressing key moments through their 'voice'.

The result

The engagement with Chemistry enabled the Guild Living team to work across functions to articulate their vision of a seamless service experience. By simultaneously straddling hospitality, care and age-friendly design, we co-created an aspirational and tangible blueprint. This has now established the foundation that not only aligned the entire business, but also helped to define both the training internally and the marketing direction externally with key customers and stakeholders.

“This is a fantastic piece of work, a testimony of many months of collaboration with people with great minds and experience like yourself”

Ingrid van Veen
Community Operations Director

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