Founder's Memorial - Envisioning the visitor experience for a tribute to Singapore’s founders
The National Heritage Board of Singapore appointed Chemistry and Local Projects to discover, envision and validate the Founders' Memorial Visitor Experience.
National Heritage Board
National Heritage Board
Creating the master visitor experience for this visionary memorial honouring Singapore’s founding generation.
How might we frame the desired attributes of a visitor experience that will realise the Memorial's vision?
In close collaboration with New-York based Local Projects, Chemistry ran citizen engagement workshops where Singaporeans from diverse walks of life shared personal experiences and perspectives, to create a Visitor Experience Brief.

Envisioned as a museum situated at the heart of a vast garden, the Founders’ Memorial will be fully built in 2027 to commemorate the stories, values, and ideals that independent Singapore was built on.

Working in close collaboration with New York-based Local Projects, Chemistry ran 11 citizen engagement workshops with over 200 Singaporeans from different walks of life - persons with disabilities, intergenerational families, seniors, etc. These research and validation workshops enabled our participants to share personal experiences and perspectives that framed the desired attributes of a visitor experience that realises the Memorial’s vision. 

By using this research to shape our understanding, Chemistry and Local Projects facilitated creative sessions with a multi-disciplinary team of experts to inform and define the visitor experience in terms of spaces, technology and human touch.

The outcome was a 580 page Visitor Experience Brief, rich in inspirational ideas and a narrative that will celebrate the nation’s vibrant past and citizens to shape Singapore’s future together.

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