National Library Wayfinding Strategy

Crafting an intuitive spatial planning and wayfinding system for public libraries in Singapore.


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Chemistry worked with the National Library Board (NLB) to embody the aspirations of what the library of the future would be in a comprehensive spatial and wayfinding blueprint.

What we did

With radical changes coming to the way libraries are being planned, such as counter-less services, it is more critical than ever to empower patrons with effective guidance.

Wayfinding is more than just the design of signage. Appropriate spatial design and placement of signage help patrons intuitively understand where they are located.
Based on the uncovered behaviour patterns, we crafted a strategic spatial model to divide the library spaces into different usage areas, such as high- and low-footfall or noise allowance.

Our thinking went beyond just the physical domain, mapping out a holistic service journey that connects both the online digital experience with the physical space. So you can start with a search on the library app, and end off in a cozy nook reading your favourite title.

We then made sure that the strategy was expressed in actual design terms, delivering a detailed signage design system along with enhanced naming conventions. This, together with the spatial model, provided NLB with the fundamentals to provide a more intuitive and consistent experience for visitors across all libraries.

The result

Through rigorous testing and iteration, we crafted an intuitive and comprehensive family of signages, including a supporting colour scheme and a customised set of pictograms. This was the first time the NLB was able to apply a consistent wayfinding strategy and roll out a customised signage system across existing and future libraries.

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