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Redesigning of the Singapore City Tour to create an updated, engaging and relevant experience for the contemporary traveller.


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The Singapore City Tour is a flagship tour for the Singapore Tourism Board, meant to offer visitors a quick but rich introduction to the past, present and future of our city state. But despite this strategic function, the tour has been in need of a major update for many years.

To answer to this need, Chemistry was appointed to spearhead the process of revamping the Singapore City Tour. Tasked with building in alignment with Singapore’s new “Passion Made Possible” campaign, our team worked with relevant industry partners to create an experience that speaks to visitors exploring a nation fuelled by passion and possibility against the odds.

What We Did

Our process began by researching the current gaps and challenges the tour currently faces. Using qualitative methods like stakeholder interviews and mystery observation sessions, we uncovered opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Our findings exposed the need for new materials to support tour guides, so we began developing a content and design strategy for the refreshed Singapore City Tour. We explored storytelling formats rooted in-theme of “Passion Made Possible”

We compiled the revamped tour into a comprehensive brand new Singapore City Tour Playbook, and facilitated training sessions to introduce the new framework to tour guides.


The Singapore City Tour Playbook broke new ground by moving away from the traditional, fact-filled approach to delivering tours. We used four different narrative styles and a collection of astonishing soundbites and personal accounts, telling alluring stories sure to engage even the younger members of the tour.

Not only did the new Singapore City Tour receive a completely revamped experience, but tour guides have found the playbook to be very useful; taking advantage of the plug-and-play stories that were created and using them to build their own unique narratives.

The playbook is currently deployed across Singapore as part of the training material for the Passion Made Possible Storytelling Professional Development Course. Additionally, the Singapore Tourism Board has distributed the books to relevant tour operators and travel agents as a reference to help prospective visitors develop a more appealing itinerary.

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