Singtel Consumer Bill Design

Making the Singtel bill a more pleasurable experience






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Singtel is the largest mobile network operator in Singapore. And as part of a refreshed branding effort to improve engagement with their customers, Chemistry was tasked with reimagining Singtel’s paper bill to create a document that was more relevant and user-friendly for the entire nation.

What We Did

The team worked closely with Singtel to deconstruct the complex billing requirements and understand the operational limitations of the bill, our work included:

We deconstructed Singtel’s complex billing requirements, seeking to understand the operational requirements of the billing team. A deep-dive of these parameters helped to inform our qualitative research, allowing us to uncover the needs and expectations of Singtel’s customers.


The new Singtel Consumer bill design boasts a meticulous layout and a refined approach to its language—removing as much clutter and jargon as possible while utilising a new set of icons and an intuitive information architecture.

On the front side of Singtel’s new bill, customers can now find a simplified, one-page overview. In addition, a more detailed breakdown of the bill can be found on the back. As a result, this creates a visually engaging, highly functional and easy-to-read document.

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