Design Conversations 2019 Singapore

Chemistry was invited to Design Conversations 2019 Singapore, showcasing our award winning work and playing our in-house card game!

Last week, we were invited to participate in Design Conversations 2019. This event was a great platform to discuss strategies and opportunities on how design can make an impact in the future.

While at the event, we showcased our award winning VScan Access. We also played our new game BossUP! created to stimulate innovative ways of thinking and break barriers to address micro & macro challenges organisations may face. Design Conversations 2019 was an occasion to get real-time feedback on our designs. Overall, players really enjoyed the experience. In addition, players hoped to see the game challenges tailored to their industries.

The event sparked many fruitful conversations. We uncovered how design practices play an important role in developing business solutions and a work force. As a result, this sets the path for new talents or creating specialised training and learning programmes.

Team members playing BossUP!

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