Enhancing Singtel’s Bill Design

Designed by Chemistry in collaboration with Singtel and the end users, the team applied a human centred design process to uncover how people read and use their bills and how that can be improved.

Rolling out nationwide, we’re glad to have been the designers of Singtel’s Bill Design. In this complete overhaul, our team applied a human-centred design process to understand how people read and used their bills. As a result, we were able to identify several key areas of improvement.

Although we can’t help you lower your monthly bill, our new design will make it easier to quickly digest and analyse how you are being charged.

Key highlights include a clear overview of key services and subscriptions, easy to understand terms (yes, that means none of the jargon from before), and a 3-month history of your past bill totals. Additionally, this is all presented in an attractive infographic!

The best part? We managed to squeeze all that onto a one page summary bill. This also means less trees used for greener environment. Check out our process behind Singtel’s Bill Design here.

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