Mentoring at the EIT Food Hackathon in Valencia

Chemistry Team's Bassam Jabry, mentored innovators from across the agri-food sector to find sustainable food solutions at the EIT Food Hackathon.

Chemistry Team’s Managing Director, Bassam Jabry, mentored at the EIT Food Hackathon hosted at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. The Hackathon brought together more than 50 passionate innovators from across the agri-food sector. These researchers worked together to find solutions towards building a Circular Food Economy.

Food researchers at the EIT Food Hackathon discussing and prototyping their ideas
The Foodathon will be an immersive, competitive, and stimulating experience. During the Foodathon (EIT Food Hackathon) researchers will be able to boost and diversify their career path, creating new networks and improving their competences/skills.EIT Food Academy

The programme consolidated the skills of each researcher and placed those with complimentary skills into innovation teams. These units would then work together to generated disruptive ideas to improve the food system. In sum, their core focus was to formulate a viable and sustainable plan that brings the system towards a more sustainable, circular food economy.

Innovative team playing Chemistry Team's innovation-readiness card game, BossUP!

In addition, the teams played Chemistry Team’s innovation-readiness game, BossUP! to get their creative juices primed and ready for the hackathon. Learn more about the game or pre-order your copy of BossUP! here.

Bassam’s team of innovators devised a creative way to tackle the persistent use of ketchup sachets in fast food restaurants. They prototyped a takeaway box with an added component that holds sauce. As a result of their innovation and the viability of their idea, the team took first prize at the end of the hackathon.

A huge thank you to Naked Innovations for hosting this brilliant event.

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