The COVID-19 pandemic has abruptly forced schools worldwide to implement Home Based Learning (HBL) due to countries going into lockdown and quarantine. Chemistry Team thus developed the #HBLTable, a height adjustable cardboard table meant for underprivileged families that struggle with space and the necessary furnishing to facilitate conducive learning for their children at home. The conducted research indicated that the prevalent challenges surrounding HBL were: (1) posture and ergonomics for a child and (2) children quickly outgrowing furniture built for their height. The #HBLTable was thus designed to cater for two heights - allowing users to adjust between the heights by simply flipping and rotating the table. The table comes equipped with a tablet and laptop stand to reduce poor posture as well. Beyond uncovering the context and motivations, this paper details the research and design process behind the construction of the #HBLTable.
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