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Defining the human element in the age of digital transformation.

Guild Living

Guild Living UK engaged Chemistry to design a new kind of service experience that brings together the best of hospitality and age friendly community, redefining what later living means.

Woodlands Health Campus

Chemistry appointed as the design thinking consultant to envision a comprehensive new patient experience and staff workplace strategy for one of Singapore’s largest hospitals.

Changi Airport Group

Chemistry was appointed to envision a modern solution for the Changi Airport internet kiosk. The first question to be raised was: “How relevant are Free Internet Kiosks at airport terminals in today’s smartphone age?” We on to answer that question and deliver Changi Airport’s new internet access kiosk.

Singapore City Playbook

Chemistry was appointed to spearhead the process of revamping the Singapore City Tour. Tasked with building in alignment with Singapore’s new “Passion Made Possible” campaign, our team worked with relevant industry partners to create an experience that speaks to visitors exploring a nation fuelled by passion and possibility against the odds.

RedMan - Designing an omni-channel retail experience

Redman's new online experience delivers windfall for the company during a pandemic year.

SMRT Service Excellence Staff Training

Chemistry was asked to develop the overall user experience for the event in 2017 with the goal of grounding the staff in a fun, engaging and hands-on training event that both informs and inspires.

Singtel Consumer Bill Design

Singtel is the largest mobile network operator in Singapore. And as part of a refreshed branding effort to improve engagement with their customers, Chemistry was tasked with reimagining Singtel’s paper bill to create a document that was more relevant and user-friendly for the entire nation.

GE Vscan Access

Chemistry helped GE Healthcare design a groundbreaking ultrasound device for low resource countries.

RedMan - Design of the Star Vista Flagship and Heartbeat@Bedok stores

Chemistry worked with Phoon Huat to launch their first flagship Redman brand store together with an online marketplace.

Singapore Visitor Centre

Explore how Chemistry designed and delivered a brand new digital experience for the connected traveller.

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